Triode use knowledge


A transistor (abbreviated as a triode) is a special device that contains two PN junctions and has amplification capability. It is divided into NPN type and PNP type, these two types of triodes can complement each other from the characteristics of the work, this article we mainly explain the use of triode general knowledge.

Commonly used PNP triodes are: 9012, 9015 and other models; NPN triodes are: 9011, 9012, 9013, 9014, 9018, and other models.

The transistor is mainly used to amplify the amplification circuit, apply multi-stage amplifier middle stage, low-frequency amplification input stage, output stage or high-frequency or broadband circuit for impedance matching and constant current source circuit.

The use of crystal triodes to identify common sense:

1. 20-75W electric soldering iron should be used for soldering. The soldering time of each pin should be less than 4s, and ensure good heat dissipation between the soldered part and the tube shell.

2. The distance from the bend of the pipe lead shall not be less than 2 mm.

3, high-power tube radiator and the tube should be smooth and low-level contact, in the radiator with screws to fix the pipe, to ensure the tightness of the screws, combined closely.

4, the pipe should be installed firmly to avoid close to the heating elements in the circuit.



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