Congratulations to Lujing Semiconductor's silicon carbide power device package as a 2018 Shandong Province Technology Innovation Project


Congratulations to Jinan Lujing Semiconductor Co., Ltd. - Silicon Carbide Power Device Packaging and Application Innovation Project is listed as the third batch of technological innovation projects in Shandong Province in 2018.

In view of the strategic position of the third-generation semiconductor industry, the state has fully supported the third-generation semiconductor from the macro level. Our company has a clear and stable research direction to actively promote the construction of innovative teams. While attaching importance to independent innovation, it also pays attention to industry-university-research and international cooperation, and actively strengthens well-known semiconductor design and packaging companies, domestic research institutions, universities and enterprises. The cooperation of the unit enhances the technology integration and innovation capabilities of the company. In 2016, the company set up a research and development team for silicon carbide power semiconductor devices, which was mainly established with some universities, such as Shandong Institute of Management, to establish an industry-university-research cooperation relationship; and signed a contract with the third-generation semiconductor R&D center of Shenzhen Tsinghua Research Institute to revolve around silicon carbide devices. A series of explorations were made in the field of sealing and testing.

Jinan Lujing Semiconductor focuses on the production, packaging, testing and application of silicon carbide power devices. The R&D team is actively innovating. In 2018, it has only applied for nearly 10 invention patents and utility models in one year.

In order to further accelerate the development of the industry, Lujing Semiconductor plans to build a semiconductor power device industrial park in Jinan High-tech Zone with the support of Jinan High-tech Zone. The goal is to build the world's advanced level SiC power device R&D and design center and packaging and test industry base in 2022. .

The “SiC Silicon Power Device Packaging and Application Innovation Project” declared by Lujing Semiconductor is a key innovation project of Lujing Semiconductor and an important measure for the upgrade of Lujing Semiconductor. The successful implementation of the project will provide Lujing Semiconductor's customers with better quality. Products and better services. And technically make up for the gaps in the domestic industry, promote the development of China's third-generation semiconductor industry to achieve cornering overtaking, and rank among the world's advanced level.


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