Jinan High-tech Zone leaders come to our company research guidance


On the afternoon of January 24, 2018, Qi Guanghuai, deputy director of Jinan High-tech Zone Management Committee and Zhao Yongyan, director of Open Economy Development Center visited Jinan Lujing Semiconductor Co., Ltd., and the general manager of Xuwenhui Company warmly received and accompanied.


Mr. Qi and Director Zhao fully affirmed the application prospect of the semiconductor devices we are currently engaged in, and put forward requirements for silicon carbide power devices developed by our company. In order to speed up the R & D process and realize mass production at an early date, the application of new energy vehicles, charging piles, Inverters, etc. to provide more green, environmental protection, energy-saving protection, in order to achieve and accelerate the conversion of old and new kinetic energy in Shandong Province to provide strong support!

Subsequently, at the forum, Xu Wenhui, general manager of the leadership of the CMC introduced the company's development history and brand development direction, the CMC leaders gave a high degree of approval and support for the difficulties encountered in a timely manner to help solve problems, help Enterprises stronger and bigger. Jinan Lu Jing Semiconductor Co., Ltd. will uphold the promotion of enterprise development at the same time, for local economic and social development to make more contributions to achieve win-win situation.


At the same time, Xu Wenhui, general manager of the company, introduced the current development of the company and thanked the high-tech zone for its support and care. In the future business development, he firmly followed the guidelines of the government, managed well and made contributions to the development of high-tech zones.


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