Rectifier diode selection and replacement


A rectifier diode is a semiconductor device that converts alternating current electrical energy into direct current electrical energy. Usually it contains a PN junction with two terminals, anode and cathode.


The rectifier diode can be fabricated from materials such as semiconductor germanium or silicon. The silicon rectifier diode has a high breakdown voltage, a small reverse leakage current, and good high temperature performance. Usually high-voltage and high-power rectifier diodes are made of high-purity single crystal silicon (it is easy to reverse breakdown when doping more). This device has a large junction area and can pass a large current (up to thousands of amps), but the operating frequency is not high, generally below several tens of kilohertz. Rectifier diodes are mainly used in various low-frequency half-wave rectification circuits. If full-wave rectification is required, they must be connected to a rectifier bridge.


Selection of rectifier diodes


1. For the series-type power supply circuit rectifier diode, the rectifier diode should be selected for maximum rectification, and the current and reverse operating voltage are suitable for the conditional diode.


2. For rectifier diodes used in switching regulator circuits, the operating frequency should be selected to be high, and the short-recovery rectifier diodes should be used for reverse recovery. It is not possible to use a general rectifier diode. You can choose to use fr series, pfr series, mur series of fast recovery diodes.


3. For low-voltage rectifier circuits, choose a small rectifier diode with a voltage drop.


4. For the 5a to the lower rectifier circuit, you can choose to use a general rectifier diode. For example, the application of half bridge, full bridge rectifier circuit, recorder power supply circuit pair and ordinary low voltage rectifier circuit, etc., can choose to use 1n4000, 1n5200 series of silicon plastic sealed rectifier diodes. You can also choose to use a series of 2cz rectifier diodes.


Rectifier diode replacement principle:


1, you can choose to use the model parameters and the original diode model parameters are basically the same diode replacement.


2, the rectified current large diode can replace the rectification current small diode, on the contrary can not be replaced.


3, the reverse working voltage high diode can replace the reverse voltage low diode, on the contrary it is impossible to replace.


4, the high operating frequency of the diode can replace the low frequency of the working diode, it can not be replaced.



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