Two-day outdoor expansion activities .


October 21, 2017, Jinan HFZT Electronic Co., Ltd. all staff conducted a two-day outdoor expansion activities .

Through this expansion, we have experienced the test of psychology and physiology,  achieved our goal of self-awareness, self-challenge, and self-improvement. At the same time, we have strengthened self-confidence, honed perseverance in overcoming difficulties and improved our ability to solve problems. We have increased our sense of participation and sense of responsibility toward the collective. We think this experience will surely bring great help to our future work. We believe that everyone has been more or less inspired, but whether we can really apply the spirit of development to our work or whether we can apply the lessons we have learned to our lives, and we still need a longer Temper the process. Believe that as long as we use our intelligence, use our wisdom, do everything one thing down to do every good job, our team will grow stronger. 

This expansion of training has promoted our understanding of each other, closely linked the relations between us and located our collective.


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